Friday, December 21, 2007

PLR Blog

I've been interested in PLR articles and content for some time, and am now getting serious about my PLR site. I have consulted with a web designer because I was planning on a complete redesign to make the site easier to navigate once I get all of the content up that is planned. The web designer didn't show up to do the actual work, though, so I have a new plan. I'm moving the site to somewhere that will allow me to have a better site design and provide more customization.

My PLR site,, is still very new and there's not yet as much content as I like. As soon as the whole Christmas thing is over I'd like to put up a new article package at least every other day, working up to one package per day if the resulting sales allow me to do so.

Why should you come to The PLR for your PLR content? Because I'm a professional. I'm not someone who dabbles in writing or thinks it might be fun to do part time. I have a degree in journalism and write for the Web full time. I've been hired to rewrite PLR articles so many times that I've literally lost count. The thing I always noticed, though, was how bad they were. Even the better ones weren't very good. I'd like to change that with my own PLR content. I'm also planning on including services that I've never seen on any other PLR site before. So, stay tuned!

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