Thursday, October 22, 2009

Uses for PLR Articles

I have not added any articles packages to The PLR in a while now, but the sales of the packages have been pretty slow this year, so there are many, many more packages that are available for purchase. Some of the packages have been purchased only one or two times, making them practically unused. In fact, many people who buy PLR articles and ebooks end up not using them, making them much more unique than many people realize.

One of the packages that has only sold two times is the package of candle articles. These are meant to make it easier to sell candles through a website, to create Web or print materials to market a home candle business or to use as marketing articles for candle affiliate sales.

Here are the article titles:

Candles Articles Package:

1. Why Use Scented Candles?
2. What Are Candles Made Of?
3. Types of Candles
4. The History of Candles
5. Giving Candles as Gifts

The current trend in Web marketing for people who want to earn money from monetized sites and blogs is to create a number of smaller niche sites that center on one specific topic. If you are creating a few of these niche sites, think about using one of my least-purchased PLR article packs in order to quickly create content that will draw in readers.

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